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From forestry management plans and grant scheme applications, to community woodland support. I can help you get the most from your woodland whether your objectives are economic, social, environmental, or all three. More here.

Fuel requirement assessments, yield estimates, supply-chains, carbon calculations and marketing. I can help you determine how much fuel you'll need, where it could come from and how to ensure quality. More here.

Everything you ever wanted to know about log stoves but were afraid to ask! This comprehensive look at burning wood in the home has become an Amazon top #100 bestseller. More information here.

Recent Articles

I write articles from time to time, on things that interest me, or on things I think will be useful. You can see a selection here:

Case Studies

You can see some examples of the sorts of work I do here:

Woodland Assessment

Biomass, Ecological Economics, Forestry
Woodland Assessment

Heathland Biomass Assessment

Biomass, Ecological Economics, Heathland
Heathland Biomass Assessment