South Downs National Park Authority


In and around the South Downs National Park


The Heathland Reunited project is a landscape-scale partnership to conserve and enhance lowland heath areas. The key aim of the project is to enrich and enlarge a mosaic of heathland habitats in and around the South Downs National Park. The National Park Authority (SDNPA) commissioned WRolls Consulting on behalf of the project to establish an estimate of the volume and quality of biomass harvestable from Heathland Reunited sites. These sites were studied using a combination of a literature review, direct site visits, desk-based assessment, and GIS analysis. The data provided was then used to produce a model to estimate the biomass yield for the area, and an analysis of the possible revenue. The study made a range of recommendations to SDNPA and showed that there is a substantial amount of harvestable material in the area which could provide an annual income to support ongoing heathland management activities.