Bracknell Forest Council


Bracknell Forest near Wokingham


Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) wanted to determine whether there was a case for managing their Parks and Countryside woodland area more pro-actively. The idea being to support their environmental and social management objectives by using revenue obtained from timber sales. They approached WRolls to conduct an outline feasibility study of managing the woodland for economic benefit in addition to the existing objectives. The sites were studied using a combination of direct site visits, desk-based assessment, and GIS analysis. The data was then used to produce a model estimating the timber yield for the area, and an analysis of the likely costs and constraints to management. The results from this were then used to produce an outline woodland development plan proposing opportunities for further action. In light of the encouraging figures coming from the study, BFC were recommended to overhaul their existing management plans, and to begin a dialogue with local residents and groups regarding more active woodland use.