This is a list that I compiled (ably assisted by the hive mind of foresters on twitter) of a useful selection of books if you are interested in forestry and want to find out more. They range from highly technical textbooks on specialist subjects, to more general guides on woodland management and a few books that might give you a better idea of why foresters do what they do. If you spot anything else that you think I should add, why not contact me and let me know? You can contact me here.

Wilderness / Philosophy

Fire Season: Field notes from a wilderness lookout: Philip Connors
Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees: Roger Deakin
Call of the Wild: Guy Grieve
Cabin Porn: Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere: Zach Klein & Steven Leckart
The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot: Robert Macfarlane
The Wild Places: Robert Macfarlane
Feral: Rewilding the Land, Sea and Human Life: George Monbiot
Norwegian Wood: Lars Mytting
The New Wild: Fred Pearce
Consolations of the Forest: Sylvain Tesson
The Clandestine Farm: Anthony Wigens

Foraging / Wild food

Food for Free: Richard Mabey
Wild Food: Ray Mears


The Woodland Way: Ben Law
The Woodland Year: Ben Law
Tall Trees and Small Woods: William Mutch
Woodlands: Oliver Rackham


Economics of Forest Resources: Gregory Amacher,‎ Erkki A Koskela &‎ Markku Ollikainen
Managing Native Broadleaved Woodland: Forestry Commission
Practical Forestry for the Agent and Surveyor: Cyril Hart
Urban Forestry Practice: B. G. Hibberd
Flora Britannica: Richard Mabey
Silvicultural Systems: John Matthews
Natural Woodland: George Peterken
The Theory and Application of Forest Economics: Colin Price
Forestry Practice: B. G. Hibberd
Forest Mensuration: A Handbook for Practitioners: Robert Matthews & Ewan Mackie
Small Woods and Hedgerows: Valerie Porter
Forestry Commission Practice Guides: Forestry Commission

Practical Guides

Getting Started in Your Own Wood: Julian Evans and Will Rolls
Woodlands: A Practical Handbook: Elizabeth Agate
Homeowner's Complete Guide to the Chainsaw: Brian & Jen Ruth
Woodland Management: A Practical Guide: Chris Starr
Timber Measurement Field Guide: Robert Matthews & Ewan Mackie

Please note that if you click from the links on this page, and then go on to purchase the things that I've linked to, I may receive a (small) payment. This doesn't affect the price that you'll be charged, and helps me to carry on developing the site and other interesting projects. I have found these references and resources useful, and I hope you do too.