This is a range of services and books that I've found useful when I've been working on project development. Hope you find it useful. As usual, if you can see anything I should be using, then do get in touch.


This site is a great way of getting a lot of creative minds working on a problem at the same time. By posting on here, I can get (potentially) hundreds of talented people thinking about a solution to my brief, when if I went to a "traditional" design company, I'd only get one or two. It's also a great way for helping designers starting out in the industry to build a portfolio.

Screw Work, Let's Play: How to Do What You Love and Get Paid for it

This is the book that started me off developing this site and writing my first book. It talks you through defining what you want to do and then how you may be able to do more of it (and make a living). Thoroughly recommended.

These guys provide my hosting for this site. I'm only just learning to develop this stuff, and they have been really patient with a bunch of (beginners) questions. I've had responses from their technical support staff on a Sunday evening that was also New Year's Day. Hard to see how you could be more dedicated than that…

More to come (when I find the time!)

Please note that if you click from the links on this page, and then go on to purchase the things that I've linked to, I may receive a (small) payment. This doesn't affect the price that you'll be charged, and helps me to carry on developing the site and other interesting projects. I have found these references and resources useful, and I hope you do too.